Head and Neck Surgery

Providing Head and Neck Cancer Treatment in Philadelphia

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a life-altering event. However, like many other types of cancer, early detection can make all the difference in achieving a positive outcome. Because this area of the body is complex, treatment for head and neck cancers requires a multidisciplinary approach. Pinnacle ENT Associates’ expert team includes surgeons, physical and speech therapists, medical and radiation oncologists and other healthcare professionals that will be there with you from diagnosis through recovery.

Facial Skin Lesions and Cancer

If you are concerned about a lump or blemish on your face or neck that won’t go away or has changed in size or appearance, then you should consult one of our physicians as soon as possible.

Our ENT specialists and surgeons are skilled in identifying, evaluating, and removing facial and skin lesions, as well as reconstructing defects created by the removal of larger ones. Pinnacle ENT Associates’ physicians have undergone extensive training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Comprehensive management of the cancer and excellent cosmetic results are of our greatest concern.

Thyroid and Salivary Gland Tumors

If you are suffering from persistent hoarseness, ear pain, swallowing problems, weight loss or coughing up blood, these may be symptoms of a tumor in your thyroid or salivary gland and you should make an appointment with Pinnacle ENT Associates as soon as possible. If the tumor is found to be cancerous, our physicians and staff will work with you and your family to prescribe the right course of treatment for your specific condition. Visit our head and neck treatment centers conveniently located in Abington, Coatesville, Doylestown, Exton, HavertownKennett SquareNorristown, PaoliPhoenixvillePottstownSpring House, West ChesterWest Grove, and Wynnewood.